Anabelle Zaris

Anabelle Zaris

Evolution of Political Satire in British Media

In this week's newsletter, Paul Furey, our Commissioning Editor, considers how satire in British media, from classic literature to contemporary platforms like Private Eye and Banksy's works, serves as a dynamic force for social commentary, challenging power structures and engaging the public in political consciousness despite risks of offence and oversimplification.

The Political Aesthetics of Brazilian Carnival

In this week's newsletter, Sophie Magalhães, explores how Brazilian Carnival, renowned for its vibrant spectacle, merges cultural celebration with political commentary, as samba schools craft elaborate performances and musical displays to address social issues and injustices like colonialism's legacy and environmental destruction.

Why should we care about regional news? 

In this week's article, Nicole Gibbons, our Marketing Director discusses the decline of independent regional news media and underscores the vital role these outlets play in local communities. They hold governments accountable, cover relevant local issues, and foster democratic engagement, but in order to prevent their disappearance, they need support more than ever in an age of mass media.

Festivals Across Borders

In this week's article, Jennifer Yang, a member our events team, reflects upon her experience as an international student in the UK, looking at how we celebrate festivals of religious, cultural and international importance.

On the Allure of Narrative

In this week's newsletter, Lara Machado, our Social Media Editor, reflects on how fictional narratives, with their intense emotional impact and focused storytelling, often elicit stronger reactions and social change than real-life events.

The Enduring Mediocrity of Award Shows

In our first newsletter of 2024, a member of our Events Team, Nate Wintraub, takes a look at the ever decreasing quality of award shows, reflected by a plummet in ratings, in the run up to the rush of Awards Ceremonies, beginning with the BAFTAs in May...