A Note on Trinity Term 2020

Our President, George Phillips, shares an update on the future of our activities.

Dear All,

I doubt you need reminding that we’re living in ‘extraordinary’ times, or that the current situation is ‘unprecedented’; by now you’ll surely have heard every cliché there is. We’ve all been affected by coronavirus, though, and I want to take this opportunity to say that I hope you and your families are happy and healthy.

Ironically a digital term was never going to be easy for the Media Society, but as we enter 0th week we’re now in a position to share our plans for Trinity. Up until now our attention has been focused on weekly speaker events, with our online presence falling to the wayside. That’s about to change and I’m incredibly grateful to our brilliant committee members who have worked hard this vac to draw up a plan of action for the term ahead. It’s thanks to them that we will be able to continue hosting thought-provoking and engaging events, albeit in a slightly different format. 

As many of you will have guessed, for the next eight weeks our typical speaker events will be replaced by a series of podcasts. We’ll be talking to journalists, broadcasters, filmmakers and CEOs about their careers, trends across the media, and about how the industry is adapting in response to the pandemic. This of course means that we can target speakers outside of the UK, and we’re currently in touch with media personalities across the globe.

At the same time, we remain very aware that our events rely largely on audience/speaker interaction. That’s why we want you to help shape our interview content, and we’ll be encouraging you to submit questions through our social media channels over the coming weeks. Podcasting is new to all of us but I’m confident in our ability to produce high-quality episodes with some of our most exciting guests to date.

Trinity will be a strange term, but I hope our content will at least provide some respite from work and other worries. As always, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch through Facebook or Instagram. And I’d strongly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter here for information about new content and exciting media-related opportunities (you may need to pause your adblocker to view the form).

That’s it for the time being. Stay safe and stay positive.

All best,

George (President) and the OUMS Trinity committee