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Hello and welcome back to Trinity term!

Whether you’re returning for another term or just joining us for the first time, I extend my warmest welcome to you. As the society continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary year, we are, as ever, continuing to explore the various mediums through which media, news, and stories can be told. I hope through attending our events, listening to our podcast, and watching our YouTube, you will be inspired to seek out and tell stories in your own unique ways.

Over the last two decades, media has broadened and reporting has changed drastically. We at the Oxford Media Society are always driven by an interest in exploring the ever-changing ways that stories are communicated. With social media, digitalisation, and short-form visual content reaching unprecedented heights, it is our firm belief that the conversations being held at the society are more relevant than ever.

One way in which we will be thinking – and rethinking – media and journalism is through the visual channel; documentaries, films, and videos palpably connect the audience with the story. We will be exploring the unique insights that documentaries have to offer with Salma Zulfiqar (film-maker and Creative Director at ARTconnects) and Zoe Flood (award-winning independent journalist and film-maker and original founder of Oxford Media Society). 

Media is also particular. We will be learning from Jancis Robinson OBE on her fifty year career writing and broadcasting about wine, and from Nick Trott, current editor of Motor Sport (and formerly of Evo), about the intricacies of automotive journalism and writing. 

And, of course, podcasting remains as popular as ever. Our own Spotlight podcast will also host a range of guests from Ossian Shine (Global Sports Editor for Reuters News), and the BBC’s Nikita Kanda and Lauren Layfield, to Jane Thynne (award-winning novelist and journalist).

As we continue to expand our horizons in how to tell stories and communicate news, I hope the diversity in the medium of form of this term card will once again inspire new ideas and insights about the changing landscape of media and journalism.

Haochen Wang (Pembroke College)
President, Trinity 2024

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