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Welcome to Michaelmas with Oxford Media Society! I’m so proud to be able to share this term’s events.

As our society approaches its 20th anniversary, we are, as ever, thinking about the importance of journalism. However, in an attempt to keep up with the times, we’re expanding our definition of the term ‘media’. The work of the media is the work of political and cultural history – this year, we are thinking about that history in new ways.

One of our focuses is international reporting, and we’ll be discussing the documenting of current events in Ukraine and China – which are redefining geopolitical competition and human rights – with the journalists who are working on them.

Branching outside of traditional journalism, we’ll be looking at the influence of the media on other industries: fashion (with Alexandra Shulman CBE of British Vogue), film (with Mike Williams of Sight and Sound), and football (with Peter Drury of SKY SPORTS).

Finally, in our last event of term with Dov Forman, who advocates for teaching young people about the Holocaust, we’ll be considering the responsibility that the contemporary media holds in honouring the past.

If you are someone who is currently questioning the importance of journalism, I am confident that our events this term will help to change your mind. I hope to see you there.

Mia Wu (St John’s)

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